Last year I went to the ALIA Lib Tech conference and I wrote about some of the interesting papers I saw presented there. One paper I missed (I was presenting at the same time) was Rob Thomson’s (@RobThomson2528) paper ‘Studios and Libraries – Comparing two very different institutions’. While I have read the paper a few times since September, I haven’t sat down to write about and reflect on what Rob is saying, so I read it again today for my #lunchtimePD.

Rob discusses some of the similarities between studios and libraries: both thrive on technology, both have been digitally disrupted, both are constantly evolving. Libraries have much to learn from the studio industry. One thing in particular of note is how studios and libraries can work together to meet the deadline to digitise analogue mediums (VHS, cassette) before 2025 when these formats will no longer be readable.

Rob puts out a challenge for librarians to “get out of the library and go and talk to the creatives”.

He emphasizes the importance of collaboration within the GLAM sector and also touches on how GLAM institutions can collaborate with the public. He ends with a call to be creative when looking for funding to support strategic initiatives.

I urge you to read Rob’s paper for yourself. The one thing I took away from it is that important conversations happen when you interact with other professionals, especially those outside your profession. GLAMers have a lot to learn from each other and like Rob, I can’t wait for the rumored GLAM joint conference in 2020.




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