This year I am trying to read one article a week during my lunch hour and reflect on it, Lunch Time PD. For my first #lunchtimePD exercise, I read:

Garner, A., Goldberg, J. and Pou, R., Collaborative Social Media Campaigns and Special Collections: A Case Study on #ColorOurCollections RBM, Vol 17, No 2 (2016)

In this article the author’s discuss a social media campaign involving multiple institutions called #ColorOurCollections. The idea was that institutions used their content to create colouring books and sheets and post them on social media, inviting their audiences to colour them in and post them. The campaign was run predominantly on Twitter but also had interaction on Instagram, Facebook and WordPress. What surprised me most about this article was how the individuals at the New York Academy of Medicine Library, who launched this idea, managed to get over 200 cultural institutions involved. The article has great strategies and advice for anyone in the GLAM sector looking to start a social media campaign. One thing they point out is that it would have been easier to set up a way to keep track of the hashtag BEFORE the campaign started. To me, the most valuable thing about this article is that it gives a great example of creative community engagement. By engaging their audience in a new way, this library both advocated for their collections and added value to their collections.


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