This is my second post recapping ALIA Lib Tech 2017. The first can be found here.

One of the major themes of the conference was the importance of professional development (PD). As one speaker put it, “You are the CEO of your own career.” Why is PD so important? There are many reasons but one of the most challenging is that you never know what’s around the corner and PD will help you prepare for the future.

Natalia Fibrich’s ‘Future-proofing your career in times of change’ was absolutely packed full of great advice, engaging slides with beautiful images and quotes with a few relevant stats mixed in. She warned us not to get complacent in our current roles. Natalia gave five tips for a future-proofed library career: Practical experience, networking, attitude, foresight and professional development. My favourite quote from Natalia is, “Your career is always in Beta mode.”  Another interesting point she made was how the 70:20:10 principle applies to your career. Here’s the best infographic I could find to explain this:

Image: 70: 20: 10 model as part of the Adidas learning campus, Source: Adidas

What does the 70:20:10 principle mean for our professional development? If we don’t actively participate in PD activities, we are missing out on 30% of what we need to know.

Judy Brooker, ALIA’s director of learning, spoke about professional development and becoming an ALIA Certified Professional. Judy’s was one of the most both exciting and practical presentations.

I have been a member of ALIA’s PD scheme for a few years now and I highly recommend it. One of the most useful things of being part of their scheme is Amy Walduck’s PD Postings email. The PD scheme is FREE to any ALIA member. ALIA’s PD scheme also provides skills audit checklists. You can also choose a specialization, which could help you switch from one field to another.

Judy’s top tips for PD were:

Make a plan, set realistic goals and put PD in your calendar.

I am definitely putting these into effect and in a few month’s time I will write a blog post reporting progress on my PD plan. Anyone else out there pledging to put PD in their calendar?








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