Hi…it’s been awhile. For my first blog back, I want to discuss keeping motivated in Professional Development by using Twitter.

I’ve started to be more active on Twitter (@WrightPaige) and a lot of my library friends are participating in #blogjune. You are supposed to write a new blog post every day in June. I think I can be forgiven for starting 11 days late as I haven’t written a blog post in five years!

So why blog now? For a long time my professional development had been stagnating, and I have never been very good at networking or promoting myself. This all changed after going to ALIA Information Online 2017. I felt reborn into the library profession after that.  It was very inspiring to hear the speakers (my favourites were Seb Chan and Patricia Macmillian) and it was great meeting so many new people. If you missed this conference I would highly recommend all of the keynotes, they were captivating and informative.

Four months later the fire built by the conference is still burning strong. It was because of the conference I became involved in Twitter (thanks the the guidance of Andy Fenton from the NZMS Recollect team). One of my favourite things about Twitter is participating in #auslibchat (if you don’t know what this is click here). I am finding Twitter a great tool for professional development. When my colleagues post links to papers, articles and conference proceedings I often read them then and there, or if I’m short on time I’ll ‘like’ them and come back to them later. Just today this came up on my Twitter feed:

Reading this blog post led me to consider starting an Instagram account as well. There are great ideas here and I intend to use them at work.

I often get ‘information overload’ on Twitter. As I begin to follow more and more people I have found Twitter lists helpful for keeping track of ‘sets’ of people and even started one for GLAMR sector people in my local area.

At this point I have a bit of a PD to do list:

  1. Work on my paper for the ALIA LibTech conference in September.
  2. Start an Instagram profile for myself.
  3. Start a work Instagram profile.
  4. Work on my LinkedIn profile.

I will work on these and report back on this blog. In the meantime, if you have any tips for someone who is an Instagram and LinkedIn amateur, please comment or send them to me on Twitter.



2 thoughts on “Diving into #blogjune – 11 days late!

  1. Hey Paige, it’s so great to see you blogging! I’d recommend looking at profiles of people who rank highly on Linkedin in our field and seeing how they have written their profile. And Instagram, try using hashtags and just have fun 🙂

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for the advice. Since this post I have worked on my Linkedin a bit but still haven’t had a chance to get to Instagram!

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