Books my sister recommended to me:

The Hunger Games 


Catching Fire

by Suzanne Collins

Book Review in one sentence:

This series is a futuristic nightmare as teens battle for survival against eachother in a dome for the entertainment of The Capitol.

My analysis:

This series is page-turning, action packed, emotion-filled adventure. You will be rapt as you are thrown into the struggle of everyday living for people under the horrible dictorship of The Capitol, where everyday is a continual struggle for survival. Every year the downtrodden people are forced to send a couple of young people to participate in the Hunger Games, a televised battle to the death. It reminds one of the gory Roman colleseum. 

The heroine of this book, Katniss is so real. You cheer for her in her stuggle for survival. She is far from perfect, a very jaded but strong girl with great responsibilities, I found myself engtangled in her personality. Sometimes I loved her, sometimes I was horrified by her actions, but it makes you ask the question, what would you do to stay alive? How far would you go?

I read the Hunger Games last year, and just recently read the sequel Catching Fire. Next I will tackle Mockingjay, the third and final book in the series. It is a series for Young Adults but adults will surely love it as well.

Themes Explored in this Book:  Survival, Rebellion, Injustice, Poverty, Family, Sacrifice

If you like The Hunger Games, you might also like:

The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood
Lord of the Flies by William Golding


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