I came across an odd little book while working in the library this week. It was:


by Joey Comeau

The cover caught my eye. The cover had a full, very strange letter that made me want to read more.

Book Review in one sentence:

An epistolary novel that tells pieces of a very peculiar and sad man’s life as he applies for various jobs with a hilarious enthusiasm.

My analysis:

This book is a collection of cover letters written to various companies to which the hero of the book is applying for jobs. They start out riotously funny, and then spiral out of control as Joey alternates from insanity to anger to sadness. Sometimes the letters make absolutely no sense, but it is all so interesting that I didn’t put it down. It is a very quick read as well.

I think some of these letters would be well performed as a humorous/dramatic monologue. The inappropriateness of it slaps you in the face, the words are begging to be read aloud.

This book is worth picking up, just to read the first few cover letters and have a bit of a chuckle.

I would recommend this book to people who are unsuccessfully job hunting or to anyone who enjoys dark humor.

Other Recommended Reading:



One thought on “Overqualifed

  1. I recently was introduced to this book by a friend of mine as well. I will read it, most likely, once I’ve become employed. Otherwise, it might bring me down, down, down…

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